We have now finished the consultation process for Frederick Holmes School to join Humber Education Trust. Please see the documents below for the consultation report and linked appendices.

Frederick Holmes School Consultation Report

Appendix 1 – HET Letter Councillor 01.03.18.

Appendix 1 – HET Letter Parents, carers and community 01.03.18

Appendix 1 – HET Letter Staff Member Trade Union 01.03.18 final.

Appendix 2 – Frederick Holmes Survey Monkey Results.

Appendix 3 – FH-Staff Academy consultation presentation DRAFT 1.

Appendix 4 – FAQs – Frederick Holmes_01.03.18.

Appendix 5_ Consultation questions

Frederick Holmes School are currently consulting with stakeholders about joining Humber Education Trust. Click on the document links below to see further information or follow the survey monkey link to have your say.

FAQs – Frederick Holmes,  HET leaflet,  HET Letter to Parents, carers and community